A long-term project to repair, refresh and renew our facility and grounds.

Renovate is our long-term, campus-wide project to repair, refresh and renew our facility and grounds. We want our campus to say, hey, we were thinking that you were going to come. We were expecting you, and we're glad you're here.

Completed Projects

Completed Project

Worship Center Renovation

Completed: February 2020

Completed Project

Main Hallway Renovation

Completed: November 2019

Our entry and main hallways make an impact on the first impression that visitors have upon entering our building.

Sunridge needs a more welcoming entry that improves flow, offers a better first impression, makes it easier for parents to do child check-in, and helps guide guests to know where to start. In short, our freshly updated hallways will say, hey, we were expecting you.

Completed Project

Youth Room Makeover (Phase 1)

Completed: December 2016

Our youth room has really been our multi-purpose room since the time we occupied the building. It is used each week by our youth groups, of course, but also for volunteer meetings and gatherings, bible studies and MOPS, outside groups and events, and more! This room gets a lot of use to say the least resulting in much wear and tear. The carpet, walls, stage and equipment were really showing signs of years of all that use and loving abuse!

We are thrilled to have transformed this room in the following ways:

Completed Project

Landscape Project

Completed: November 2014

Replacing our high-consumption landscaping was an important priority here at Sunridge. This project saves us money, improves our look and cut maintenance costs!

Completed Project

Parking Lot Slurry & Stripe

Completed: November 2014

This project improves our parking lot for everyone who comes to Sunridge each week for years to come. Additionally, it says to our guests that we have pride in taking care of our campus from the moment they set foot on the grounds by having a well-maintained parking lot.

Completed Project

Room 107 and Adjacent Bathroom

Completed: June 2015

During the great snowfall of December 2014, the leaky roof could not withhold the melting snow from destroying the west side of the building, damaging the walls, carpet and fixtures, and bringing mold along with it. Since there was extensive damage, together with insurance coverage and our funds, we undertook this major repair and redecorating project. We used this necessary reconstruction to create the prototype of the “new look” for Sunridge to jump start our Renovate campaign.

Completed Project

New Roof

Completed: March 2016

From the time Sunridge occupied its facility in 2002, the roof leaked. Even though attempts were made to patch the roof, we continued to have issues with many leaks every time it rained. Traditional roofs can typically only last up to 10 years – ours was 17 years old. In order to move forward with any other improvements, we knew we had to shore up this foundational piece of our facility. By the end of March 2016, a new 25-year membrane roof was put on our facility and we can now “retire” our bucket brigade and focus our energy elsewhere!

Projects In-Progress

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

MPR Phase II

To fully complete this huge undertaking, there are many more future decisions on updates and purchases:

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