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Listen Notes & Questions Podcast

May 8, 2016

Mother’s Day 2016

A Conversation With Moms…Real Talk About The Best Job Ever! Being a mom is the best job! It is the most important job! It can also be a really hard job! On Mother’s Day at Sunridge, we will listen to some amazing but very real moms discuss their journey as a mom. We will have real talk about what moms do on days when they feel like they have messed up this mom thing. Where do we turn then? What difference does Jesus make in our mothering? If our kids mess up, does that make us a failure? How does God see us when our parenting isn’t perfect? Some of their stories are hilarious, and we know you will be able to relate to some of their struggles. Come and join us for an encouraging, fun and hope-filled morning celebrating Moms!

Join us this Sunday and connect with others!

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