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Listen Notes & Questions Podcast

Jan 10, 2016

Before And After: Sweat

Jed Manimtim

Before & After. You’ve seen the ads. The transformations are remarkable. If you’ll just purchase this workout system, use this supplement, follow this diet plan – you will amaze your friends and yourself with the new you! Disregard the obvious enhancements used in the “after” pic: a tan, new hair-do, better lighting, or new clothes designed to flatter your unique shape! The truth is, the pathway to transformation is the same for everyone. It takes a healthy diet, regular exercise, a stretching regimen, adequate rest, and of course, it always helps to have other like-minded people traveling alongside you. Then, and only then – will we actually see “after” results. Interestingly, spiritual transformation parallels the physical. If we’re going to fully realize a true unenhanced spiritual makeover it will take the same kind of dedication. Join in the fun, the pain and the glory at Sunridge during this New Year’s Resolution kind of series. There are plenty of opportunities to push both your physical and spiritual self to a new level, and to make a few new friends along the way. And, we’d love for you to share your transformational moments and encourage others by using #sunridgbeforeandafter

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