Your First Visit

Your First Visit To Sunridge Community Church

We know it’s hard to be new. This is especially true when others seem to know each other. But there are people on the lookout for you, and we hope that you find our welcome to be genuine. We really are glad to have you here!

Sunridge Community Church is filled with genuine people who are just like you. Every generation is well-represented, and there are people here from every kind of previous church experience, and many who are trying church for the first time.

Finding Your Way

Sunridge Community Church is on Winchester Road in Temecula, one mile west of Interstate 15 (Map). You’ll see our building on the right, just as you start to climb the coastal range. Sunridge signs will help guide your way. The first driveway leads to visitor parking, situated near the main entrance (more visitor spots are on the west side of the building). We want you to feel like our special guest all morning. Please park in a visitor spot and follow the crowd toward the main doors. You can’t miss them.

At the Door


Just outside the entry doors you’ll see people serving doughnuts, and inside you can help yourself to coffee. As you enter the building, our greeters will greet you, and you can engage them as much as you’d like. Our information team will be nearby, ready to point you in any direction that’s useful. Just past the interior doorway straight ahead; the coffee will be ready and waiting. If you’d like, bring your cup inside the auditorium with you. Just a few more steps and you’ll see the doors to the auditorium on your left, where an usher will greet you. You’ll find nice people everywhere at Sunridge!

If You Have Kids

starthereYour children’s safety and your peace of mind are so important to us. We want all of you to have a very positive experience. As you walk through the front door, you’ll see parents checking in their kids at computer kiosks, and collecting identification tags. Next time, you can use that convenient approach. For your first Sunday, come right through the entry doors. On your left, you’ll find a friendly face – a member of  the Information Team – ready to receive you and welcome your kids. They will walk you through getting set up in our system for the first time and then someone from our Children’s Ministry will guide you and your kids to each classroom. Teachers will be waiting at the door – one more step of safety and care. You can entrust your kids to our capable and thoughtful teaching teams.

What About Teens?

Middle school students meet upstairs during both 9:00 and 10:30 worship hours. We call our middle school group Quest, and it’s led by energetic, teen-friendly pastors, young adults, and parents. Quest also has a mid-week gathering on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 PM in the youth room.


Our high school group, called Epic, meets in the youth room during the 10:30 worship service on Sunday mornings. Epic has a mid-week gathering that meets on Wednesday nights in the youth room from 7-9 PM.

How Do People Dress?

Sunridge is a comfortable environment where most people wear everyday clothes. If you’re someone who likes to dress up for church, you won’t be the only one. But we want everyone to feel our “come as you are” spirit.

What’s the Service Like?

Rest assured … you won’t be pressured to do anything uncomfortable or embarrassing! Our approach to worship is contemporary with songs, heartfelt prayers, and biblical messages that are equally relevant to those brand new to church and those who come every Sunday. Our talented musicians and thoughtful speakers make the experience fresh and encouraging. Take things at your own pace and know that there are others around you who also are new.

After the Message

At the end of each service we have a team of people who would love to pray for you and answer any questions you may have.

If you have kids, pick them up at their classrooms when you’re ready – we’re happy to watch them while you’re getting to know us.

Stay as long as you’d like!